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The NACADA Journal was founded in 1981. It is the biannual (published in June and December each year) refereed journal sponsored by NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising. The NACADA Journal exists to advance scholarly discourse about the research, theory and practice of academic advising in higher education. For more than 35 years the NACADA Journal has served as the preeminent authority on academic advising in higher education. Research is broadly defined by NACADA as “scholarly inquiry into all aspects of the advising interaction, the role of advising in higher education, and the effects that advising can have on students” (NACADA Task Force on the Infusion of Research, 2008). This definition is, in part, based on Boyer’s (1990) four elements of scholarship of discovery, integration, application, and teaching and grounded in a belief that research, theory, and practice are interconnected and dynamic. 

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Articles in NACADA Journal issue 38(2) include: 

  • A Quantitative Study on Graduate Student Advising Perceptions in Online Education
  • A Qualitative Exploration of Pre-health Students’ Perceptions of Academic Success and Persistence
  • What is Academic Advising? An Application of Analytic Induction
  • Application of Clinical Judgement Models to the Development of Academic Advisors
  • Nontraditional Women Students’ Experiences of Identity Recognition and Marginalization During Advising
  • Honors College Students'Adjustment Factors and Academic Success: Advising Implications
  • Examining Incoming Credit Differences Between First-Year and Transfer Students

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