Books Available to Review for Journal

  • Current NACADA members may request one book every year.
  • Request books via e-mail from
  • Books are shipped via UPS; please provide a street address, building and room number when requesting books.
  • Watch this site for new books.  Publishers send book review copies as new books are published but books are often requested for review the same day as they are posted.
  • Note: we have received some books that are not directly related to advising (novels; topical non-fiction) that advisors might like to use with students as conversation starters or with other advisors as a common reading. Reviews of these books should emphasize ways in which advisors could use these books on their campuses.

Age of Ambition: Chasing Fortune, Truth, and Faith in the New China (Record# 1670)

  • Evan Osnos. (2014). New York, NY 10011: Farrar, Straus and Giroux. 416 pp. $16.00 (Paperback). ISBN 978-0-374-53527-8.

City of Thorns (Record# 1675)

  • Ben Rawlence. (2016). New York, NY 10010: Picador. 400 pp. $26.00 (Hardback). ISBN 978-1-250-06763-0.

Every Day (Record# 1680)

  • David Levithan. (2012). New York, NY 10014: Ember. 384 pp. $9.99 (Paperback). ISBN 978-0-307-93189-4.

Fives and Twenty-Fives (Record# 1682)

  • Michael Pitre. (2014). New York, NY 10018: Bloomsbury Publishing Plc. 400 pp. $17.00 (Paperback). ISBN 978-1-62040-755-4.

The Terrorist's Son (Record# 1697)

  • Zak Ebrahim. (2014). New York, NY 10020: Simon & Schuster, Inc.. 105 pp. $16.99 (Hardback). ISBN 978-1-4767-8480-9.

A Thousand Miles from Nowhere (Record# 1698)

  • John Gregory Brown. (2016). New York, NY 10104: Little, Brown and Company. 288 pp. $13.99 (Paperback). ISBN 978-0-316-30280-7.

The Type (Record# 1701)

  • Sarah Kay. (2016). New York, NY 10104: Hachette Book Group. 48 pp. $12.00 (Hardback). ISBN 978-0-316-38660-9.

Without You there is No Us (Record# 1704)

  • Suki Kim. (2014). New York, NY 10014: Penguin Books. 304 pp. $15.00 (Paperback). ISBN 978-0-307-72066-5.