From the Co-editors

In this section the editors comment on the NACADA Journal, summarize the articles in the current issue, speculate about research, theory, or practice relevant to academic advising, and sometimes invite commentaries or 'think pieces' from guest editors.

To the Editor (occasional)

Letters to the Editor are an opportunity for members to submit a brief report of a study or to offer opinions on topics published in the Journal or related to academic advising in general.


Articles address the research, theory, or practice of academic advising. Some articles use standard quantitative or qualitative (social science) research approaches such as descriptive, quasi-experimental, historical, critical, or ethnographical. Theory-based articles tend to address, through deep analysis, descriptions of theoretical frameworks, constructs, paradigms, analogies, critical analyses, or stories. Practitioner-oriented articles discuss specific institutional practices or issues that can be generalized to academic advising at other institutions. Practice-based articles should relate to a body of research literature and demonstrate a theory in action. Articles solely based upon literature reviews are not typically accepted for the NACADA Journal (the co-editors would be happy to work with authors on other venue options). All articles include keywords.

Book Reviews

Book Reviews written by NACADA members are published online. Occasionally a review of a book that is determined to make a significant contribution to the field of academic advising is published in the NACADA Journal.