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Academic Advising: A Comprehensive Handbook, 2nd Ed.

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One of the challenges in higher education is helping students achieve academic success while ensuring that their personal and vocational needs are fulfilled. In this updated edition, more than thirty experts offer their knowledge in what has become the most comprehensive, classic reference on academic advising. Here experts in the field explore the critical aspects of academic advising and provide insights for all who advise or oversee advising. This new edition builds upon the 1st edition of Academic Advising: A Comprehensive Handbook. The new 2nd edition: Has a new set of authors offering new and expanded perspectives. Has more emphasis on teaching and learning that reflects current thought that the advisor’s role is "teacher" as well as “advisor.” Has an expanded section on the changing college student and current research on the profile of today’s college students, including students with special needs. Looks at students moving in, moving through, and moving on from college and how each of these transitions carries its own responsibilities for advising and advisors. Continues to examine the newest, most effective ways to organize and deliver academic advising from a variety of perspectives, including how technology is changing support and delivery systems. Offers the latest advisor training concepts and tools for enhancing advisor skills and knowledge. Offers an expanded and in-depth approach to assessment of advisor effectiveness from many perspectives, as well as methods for evaluating advising programs. Gives perspectives on advising from chief academic and student affairs officers and advising administrators and how they view the importance of advising on their campuses. Looks at the future of advising and how it will change in the next decade; offers an agenda for change that reflects the future of higher education in general. Has a new section on exemplary practices