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Peer Advising & Mentoring: A Guide for Advising Practitioners

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Editors: Heidi Koring and Dana T. Zahorik

Peer advising and mentoring programs continue to develop in number, in the breadth of student types they serve, in the services they offer, and in the methods by which these services are delivered. In addition, institutions face increasing pressure to do more with less, to improve efficiencies and to demonstrate student-centered effectiveness. The increasing complexity of peer advising roles and institutional demands have created a puzzle with many intricate and interlocking pieces.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: Introduction to Peer Advising. Plus Exemplary Practice (Ohio State’s Fisher College of Business), Student Voices, and Voices from the Field
Chapter 2: Choosing a Model and Mode of Delivery. Plus Exemplary Practice
Chapter 3: Designing a Peer Advising Program: Turning the Vision into Reality. Plus Exemplary Practice (Fox Valley Technical College), Student Voices, and Voices from the Field
Chapter 4: Recruiting, Selecting, Training and Developing Peer Advisors. Plus Exemplary Practice ( (University of Wisconsin Oshkosh), Voices from the Field, and Student Voices
Chapter 5: Administrative Issues: Supervision, Evaluation, Budget, Funding, and Legal Issues. Plus Exemplary Practice (University of Montana) and Student Voices.
Chapter 6: Assessment of Peer Advising. Plus Exemplary Practice (Missouri University of Science and Technology) and Student Voices.
Chapter 7: Using Technology with Peer Advisors. Plus Voices from the Field.
Chapter 8: Conclusion

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