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Academic and Career Advising for Undecided, Exploring, and Major-Changing Students

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Research tells us that undecided and exploring students comprise between 20-50% of new students on higher education campuses today. Institutions’ attempts to handle undecided students may differ, but all have the same goal of getting students grounded in a major so they can progress and graduate. Academic advisors, more often than not, serve as key contacts for helping students find their niche for successfully persisting and progressing toward graduation – a very tall order. This publication seeks to equip those who may have recently found themselves in the role of broadening their scope of advising students who openly express the desire to explore career and occupational options before declaring a college major or for students who have declared a major but are considering or needing to change majors. The aim is to provide answers for the following questions: 1. What information and resources will I need when working with students who are undecided about their major or career? 2. What information and resources will I need when working with declared students who are exploring or considering changing their majors?

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