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Cultural Competence in Academic Advising: Skills for Working Effectively Across Cultures, Second Edition

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Author: Luiza Melo Dreasher

Because of the excellent reputation of our institutions of higher education, more students worldwide are choosing to pursue their studies in North America. The new reality is that academic advisors no longer have the option of working solely with students who share the same worldview, cultural norms, or even language. If we are to serve an ever-growing diverse student population effectively, we need to increase our awareness of differences so we can respond to their needs appropriately. Cultural competence is a necessary skill set for all of us in higher education. Drawing on her long experience as Multicultural Liaison Officer and academic advisor for international students at Iowa State University, author Luiza Dreasher brings the global and domestic diversity skills she has used to develop and implement customized programs for numerous audiences, including the United States Department of Defense and international educators from around the world, to the NACADA Pocket Guide format. Topics addressed include culture and its role in framing our behavior, cultural differences that may impact the advising relationship, a three-step approach to cultural competence in advising, and the D-I-E Framework (intercultural communication tool).

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