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Guide to Assessment in Academic Advising, 2nd ed.

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Editor: Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski Contributing Authors: Susan Campbell, Lynne Higa, Mike Kirk-Kuwaye, Charlie Nutt, Rich Robbins NACADA introduces the Guide to Assessment in Academic Advising on CD to assist institutions with the development of a comprehensive assessment program for academic advising at the unit, college, or institutional level. The Guide focuses on the development of the vision, values, and mission for academic advising as the foundation for any assessment program and provides a step-by-step process for the development of goals and advisor and student learning outcomes for advising. The Guide also provides detailed assistance in the process of mapping the achievement of outcomes across the undergraduate experience as well as a process for measuring the achievement of the outcomes in the assessment program. Sample worksheets are provided that can be utilized in the development of an assessment program and can be reproduced for campus use. Special feature articles included are: Evaluation, Assessment, and Research by Rich Robbins The Role of Assessment in Program Review and Accreditation by Rich Robbins Attending to the Change Process in the Assessment Cycle by Sharon A. Aiken-Wisniewski The NACADA Guide to Assessment in Academic Advising, 2nd ed. is essential for any institution committed to improving the quality of the advising experience through an intentional and carefully developed plan of assessment.

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