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Advising and Learning from the Perspective of Small Colleges & Universities

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Editors: Martha K. Hemwall and Kent C. Trachte.

Chapter Authors: M. Hemwall, K. Trachte, M. Reynolds, E. Ciner, J. Goetz, P. Christman, V. McGillin, P. Miller, C. Williams, G. Gajewski, J. Calhoun, G. Batterman, W. Flanagan, O. Ogurtsova, R. Athanson, V. Baker, D. Lester, D. Verrier, A. Childs, R. Gross.

When educators focus on advising as learning, they can examine what and how the student learns rather than the role or duties of the advisor, the advising administrator, and the advising system. This monograph studies advising as learning from the unique perspective of small colleges. Lessons learned are applicable across higher education.