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A Faculty Guide to Academic Advising

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Academic advising is a central responsibility for most faculty. This makes the faculty advisor, as Marc Lowenstein (2005) noted, “… arguably the most important person in the student’s educational world.” Yet many faculty may not be clear as to why academic advising has such a profound purpose and influence or how to effectively make use of the time they spend with advisees. The NACADA Pocket Guide, A Faculty Guide to Academic Advising, examines the need for good advising for students, demonstrating that academic advising is not about registering students, but rather about student learning. This guide, authored by and for faculty advisors, offers practical suggestions and considerations that will help faculty advisors create productive advising relationships. Included are proven strategies for creating effective advising sessions, 12 practical tips for good advising, and a discussion of advising and confidentiality laws. At only $5 each, these inexpensive guides are a great way to reach faculty advisors across campus. Building upon one of the practice tools suggested in A Faculty Guide to Academic Advising, the second edition of Academic Advising Syllabus: Advising as Teaching in Action (PG09) contains an up-dated discussion of the important role an academic advising syllabus can play in building a quality advising relationship. Included are several syllabi examples that have proven to work well on a variety of campuses.