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Relational Component of Academic Advising: Strat for Effective Comm, Rapport Bldg, & Stdt Engage

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Relational skills are fundamental to being able to advise students. Necessary for every advising encounter, whether individual, group or virtual in nature, relational skills are often the last formally taught skill in advising. In this slidecast presentation, Peggy Jordan (Oklahoma City Community College) and Katie Beres (Saint Louis University) introduce topics of self awareness, boundary setting, difficult conversations, talking with emotional students, special populations of students, and giving referrals. Presentation objectives include developing the ability to identify foundational tenets of effective communication based on counseling and learning theoretical frameworks and apply tenets to student situations that create a positive rapport Identify long term techniques for continuing student engagement after rapport is established. (Webinar, 5/19/11, 75 minutes)