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Legal Issues in Academic Advising

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Academic advisors often find themselves dealing with rules and regulations imposed by government bodies (i.e. courts, legislative bodies) outside the educational institution. To say that these are serious matters is at best an understatement. In this slidecast presentation, Steve Robinson (University Registrar, University of Maryland, Baltimore County) discusses basic information on legal issues pertinent to the delivery of academic advising which can assist advisors in gaining a general understanding of day to day legal issues, including Confidentiality and FERPA, the Law of Agency, Due Process, and relevant court cases. [Please note: examples presented and cases cited are based in United States law and practice.] Viewers will become familiar with the context of certain legal concepts with which advisors regularly interact, learn about the complexities of of FERPA, and gain understanding of certain day to day tasks in advising students that may have legal implications. (Webinar, 10/5/07, 80 minutes. Recommended accompaniment: digitial recording “Legal Implications of Academic Advising”)