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Advising Undecided/Undeclared Students for Success

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Academic advisors face the challenge of reaching and retaining the undecided/exploratory student on each of our campuses. As official guides of the educational journey, it is customary to encounter the student who begins college without a clear direction. It is also common to work with an advisee who charts their course, but after facing roadblocks or detours, realizes that an alternative route is necessary. Without the right support system in place, major indecision can negatively impact enrollment behavior since research indicates that a student’s commitment to academic and career goals is one of the strongest factors associated with persistence to graduation. As academic advisors, we are positioned to empower each student at the onset of their educational journey. In this slidecast presentation, Kathleen Shea Smith and David Spight, current and immediate-past Chairs of NACADA’s Undecided/Exploratory Commission, discuss research regarding undecided students and the major selection process, major changing behavior and the pressures student face to decide early, and Virginia Gordon’s Exploration Process Model. They share practical, hands-on tools advisors can use to facilitate the Exploration Process Model framework and help each student declare their major with confidence, and they showcase exemplary programs from institutions across the country that can be modified to meet the needs of students on your campus. (Webinar, 11/18/09, 80 minutes)