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Swirling to a Degree: The Ups and Downs of College Transfer

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The days of single college attendance are waning. Current trends in higher education indicate that today's college students no longer feel a need or obligation to attend one college from beginning to end, but rather find opportunity and excitement in "customizing" an educational plan with courses from multiple institutions of higher education. This new multi-institutional enrollment pattern has attracted a variety of names: swirling, double dipping, mix and match, campus hopping, and many more. Multi-college attendance can range from a single transfer from one institution to another to multiple transfers to simultaneous enrollment. Cost, convenience, and technology are among the many reasons students give for "swirling," but research shows that with opportunity comes challenge. Can "swirling" result in a comprehensive and coherent education? In this slidecast presentation, Karen Thurmond (The University of Memphis), Todd Taylor (University of Illinois-Chicago College of Medicine), Michelle Foster (Valencia Community College), and Jobila Williams (College of William and Mary) explore the many issues that surround "swirling" and suggest ways in which two and four year colleges can partner to provide strong transfer advising. They discuss research in multi-institutional enrollment, the driving forces behind alternative enrollment patterns, the benefits and challenges of a multi-college path, and recognizing the value of developing strong relationships between institutions of higher education. (Webinar, 3/25/08, 71 minutes. Recommended accompaniment: Monograph “Advising Transfer Students: Strategies for Today’s Realities, 2nd edition”)