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Steps in Developing an Assessment Plan for Academic Advising

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Academic Advising is integral to the success, retention, and persistence of our students in colleges and universities across the globe. However, in order for institutions to identify the success of the academic advising experiences of students, it is essential to have in place an assessment of academic advising plan. In addition, assessment of academic advising is key to all accreditation efforts by regional accreditation agencies and content based accreditation efforts. In this videocast presentation, NACADA Executive Director Charlie Nutt, Assessment Institute Advisory Board Chair and Faculty Rich Robbins (Bucknell University), and Assessment Institute Faculty Members Sharon Aiken-Wisniewski (University of Utah) and Karen Boston (Univerisity of Arkansas-Fayetteville) outline the steps in developing an assessment plan for academic advising and provide hands-on examples of programs that have been implemented on college campuses. Regardless of institutional size or advising model, this presentation is a must for all institutions who need to develop an academic advising assessment plan that focuses on student learning and program effectiveness. (Webinar, 11/10/11, 60 minutes. Recommended accompaniment: monograph on CD “Guide to Assessment in Academic Advising, 2nd edition)