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Advising Transfer Students: Strategies for Today’s Realities and Tomorrow’s Challenges

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The “completion agenda” set by the Obama administration and the Lumina Foundation has stimulated certain realities within the higher education community, one of the foremost among them being the increased enrollment of transfer students. As a result, transfer students have been thrust into the forefront of new and renewed strategies for meeting the challenge presented by the completion agenda – more graduates. This new reality lies amid other challenges imposed by accreditors and employers – demonstrable student learning outcomes. In this videocast panel discussion, sponsored by NACADA’s Advising Transfer Students Commission, monograph editor Thomas Grites (Richard Stockton College of New Jersey) leads a panel that includes Commission Chair and monograph author Karen Archambault (Brookdale Community College), Commission Chair-Elect and monograph contributor Ross Hawkins (Missouri State University), and monograph author Sandy Waters (Old Dominion University) to review the realities and challenges we are facing and provide an array of advising programs and strategies that will facilitate meeting the ultimate national completion agenda. (Webinar, 3/28/13, 61 minutes. Recommended accompaniment: Monograph “Advising Transfer Students: Strategies for Today’s Realities and Tomorrow’s Challenges”