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Advising Strategies for Students who are on Academic Probation, Facing Dismissal, or Seeking Reinsta

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In our first NACADA Probation / Dismissal / Reinstatement (PDR) Issues Interest Group-sponsored webinar (2010), Chair Shelly Gehrke was joined by a panel of Interest Group members to discuss “Advising Students on Academic Probation.” Laying the foundation for this topic, Shelly’s team discussed how we define “student on academic probation,” factors that place students at risk for being placed on probation, typical probationary policies, stakeholders responsible for supporting students on academic probation, and the role and responsibilities of those who advise these students. Some institutional programs that are supportive of this student population were considered and useful resources for advisors shared. In this follow-up videocast panel discussion, current PDR Issues Interest Group Chair Joy Cox (Indiana University Southeast) is joined by a new group of PDR Interest Group members, including Stacey Braun (Emporia State University), Tina Knox (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign), and Erin Stone (University of Manitoba, Canada) to discuss their work in meeting the needs of these students. Topics addressed include models for specific programs that work with students on probation, including international institutions, early alert mechanisms, methods for intervention, and materials for working with students on probation, including online components. (Webinar, 4/24/13, 53 minutes. Recommended accompaniment: Digital Recording “Advising Students on Academic Probation”)