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Developing Intercultural Communication Skills for Academic Advising

Description :Category : Digital Recordings

Moderator: Tyann Cherry (Webster University)

Kathy McKeiver (Global Engagement Commission Chair, Northern Arizona University), Luiza Dreasher (Iowa State University), Yvonne Halden (University of Manitoba)

The rapid internationalization of our institutions of higher education has created a climate in which all education professionals are required to work with students and colleagues who do not share our worldview or cultural norms. Intercultural competence has become an expected skill set for all of us in higher education today, yet few of us of have had more than rudimentary exposure to the field of intercultural communication. In this videocast panel discussion, sponsored by NACADA's Global Engagement Commission and led by Webinar Advisory Board member Tyann Cherry (Webster University), Global Engagement Commission Chair Kathy McKeiver (Northern Arizona University), Luiza Dreasher (Iowa State University), and Yvonne Halden (University of Manitoba) discuss essential concepts of intercultural communication and their application to academic advising. They consider the need for paying attention to cultural differences, challenges and opportunities of culturally diverse environments, understanding cultural differences and their impact on academic advising, and more.

(Webinar, 12/11/13, 55 minutes. Recommended accompaniment: Cultural Competence in Academic Advising: Skills for Working Effectively Across Cultures, NACADA Pocket Guide ISBN: 978-1-935140-38-2)