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Integrating Academic and Career Advising

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In 2008, Webinar panelists Joanne Damminger and Ken Hughey laid the groundwork for discussion of Making Career Advising Integral to Academic Advising, considering the application of career theories to advising; competencies needed for effective career advising; the advisor’s role in facilitating students’ academic and career planning; the advising process; and resources, activities, and interventions to enhance career advising (recording available at http://www.nacada.ksu.edu/Events-Programs/Events/Web-Events/Digital-Recordings.aspx). Building on the foundational knowledge laid by Joanne and Ken, in this videocast presentation, sponsored by NACADA’s Career Advising Interest Group and moderated by NACADA Vice President David Spight, panelists Heather Doyle (Dalhousie University), Misti Dawn Steward (Florida State University), Patricia Griffin and Nikki Brown (Fort Hays State University), and Jeff Elliott (University of Tennessee) discuss the connection of career readiness to academic advising as higher education continues to expand career development. This international team of panelists share their thoughts, experiences, and practical application suggestions related to merging academic and career advising, student career readiness and exploration, and how to market a major/career exploration to students. (Webinar, 11/13/14, 60 minutes)

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