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Academic Advising for High Achieving Students: Strategies that Foster Resilience

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Moderator: Melissa Johnson (University of Florida) Presenters: Kerry Thomas and Nova Schauss Fergueson (Oregon State University)
60 min - November 5, 2015 (DW64 – Season 10)

Have you ever wondered how, as academic advisors, we can help student navigate trying times, take ownership over what they can change, and reframe the way they look at what they cannot change? In this 60-minute videocast presentation, sponsored by the NACADA Advising High Achieving Students Commission and moderated by Commission Chair Melissa Johnson (University of Florida), presenters Kerry Thomas and Nova Schauss Fergueson (Oregon State University) share strategies, curriculum, language, and the latest research that can assist advising personnel in guiding students through challenging times. Inspired by the work of Brene Brown, Nan Henderson, Martin Seligman, Laurie Schreiner, Carol Dweck, and Angela Duckworth, Kerry and Nova suggest ways to assist students who share deep concerns or struggles during an advising appointment. Although there may be particular relevance to high achieving students, viewers will find that these strategies have broad applicability to many student populations.

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