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A Narrative Approach to Academic Advising: Helping Students Create Their Stories

Description :Category : Digital Recordings

Presenters: Peter Hagen and Richard Trama (Stockton University)
65 min - February 3, 2016 (DW66 – Season 10)

In this 65-minute videocast presentation, presenters Peter Hagen and Richard Trama (Stockton University) share their insights about how narrative—storytelling—can inform the work we do as academic advisors. When we listen to the concerns that bring students to our offices, we are essentially listening to them tell the stories of their lives. When we impart advice to them, we are essentially sharing with them how their stories might unfold. The presenters explore how advisors might become more skilled at storytelling and story-listening and outline some ways in which we might cultivate the storytelling skills of our students in order to help them to create their own educational stories. Their share their own stories as well as ideas and techniques about how viewers can implement a narrative approach to advising.

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