NACADA Leadership Election Information


2015 Elections


Election Information:


Voting Eligibility Notes:

  • Only those individuals whose NACADA memberships are current and paid in full as of *January 28, 2015* will be eligible to vote in the 2015 elections. We encourage you to renew your membership immediately to secure your voting privileges for NACADA's future leadership.
  • Commission Chairs are elected by the members of their respective commissions; thus, the commissions in which members have designated official membership as of *January 28, 2015* will determine those Commission Chair elections in which they will be eligible to vote. 

              *date subject to change based on voting time periods.

Nomination Information:

For more information:

  • Leadership Position overviews (includes eligibility criteria, responsibilities, etc.)
  • NACADA Leadership (meeting schedules, policies/procedures, expectations, handbooks, etc.)
  • Questions? Contact the NACADA Executive Office at (785) 532-5717.