1. NACADA Global Awards
2. Best of Region Winners
3. Welcome Reception
4. Advising Community Division Activities
5. Common Reading
6. Keynote Speaker
7. Tech Labs
8. Volunteer Opportunities
9. New Publication
10. Conference Attire


The Annual Awards Program honors the people, programs, institutions, and technology innovations making significant contributions to the field of academic advising. A special by invitation only awards ceremony hosted by the NACADA Board of Directors and Council will be held for award recipients and their invited guests prior to the opening general session of the annual conference. The NACADA Annual Awards Program will be held from 4:00-6:00 p.m. on Sunday, September 30.

Award recipients will also be recognized as a group at the opening general session and on posters with photos of the awardees displayed throughout the conference. There will be several other opportunities for conference attendees to acknowledge and honor their colleagues, such as during the Region meetings, Advising Community Division meetings, as well as at the opening night's Welcome Reception.

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Congratulations to our Best of Region Winners from the 2018 Region Conferences.

Region 1 How Major Is Your Major?
Harry Twyman & Kelli Petersen, University of Connecticut
Region 2 Positive Responses to Stress: Increasing Advisor Wellness Through Mindfulness and Yoga
Liz Sutton, University of Pennsylvania
Region 3 “I’m Off Probation, Now What?”:  Helping Students Become Comfortable with Success
Brandi Lovin, Tennessee Technological University
Region 4 Creating a Framework for Transfer Student Success in the College of Engineering
Janet Moore & Candi Vann, Auburn University
Region 5 Advising Mindfully: Decreasing Stress and Increasing Wellness
Deborah Hendricks, Bowling Green State University
Region 6 The Challenge of Entitlement: How Can Advisors Respond?
Erik Berquist, Metropolitan State University
Region 7 Know Thyself: Fostering Self-Awareness in the Student Advising Experience
Laura Wohlford, University of Arkansas
Region 8 Coaching As Advising Strategy: Increasing Motivation, Responsibility and Trust
Michael Heim, Washington State University
Region 9 Minor Setback for a Major Comeback: Rising Strong Above Academic Probation
Yuki Burton, Miguel Eamiguel, Angel Klyce, University of California-Berkeley
Region 10 Gen Z as Our Students: Understanding Their Story and How to Communicate with Them
Randa Alvord, Rebecca Weidner, Brigham Young University

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Kick off the 2018 NACADA Annual Conference at the beautiful Corona Ranch for the ultimate Phoenix, Arizona experience on Sunday, September 30 from 6:30 - 9:30 p.m.!  We hope you can join us at this one-of-a-kind location with spectacular views of South Mountain. Come to network and enjoy music by the mariachi band along with great food and drinks. There will also be an opportunity to view a fun, lively and authentic Charreada (Mexican Rodeo) show at the adjacent arena for those interested. We plan to start conference on a high note, so you will not want to miss this year’s welcome reception! Visit the Corona Ranch website to learn more about this unique venue.

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Annual Advising Community Division Meetings are scheduled throughout the Conference. Check your conference program for schedules.

  • Learn what is going on in the Advising Community Division - projects, activities, listserv discussions, new initiatives!
  • Volunteer to help with activities or serve on a committee within an Advising Community Division.
  • Consider running for leadership positions within the Advising Communities.
  • Meet and collaborate with colleagues on future conference presentations or articles for the Clearinghouse or Academic Advising Today.
  • Attend a 'Hot Topics' session presented by various Advising Communities. Check your Conference Program for the specific sessions and meeting locations.
  • Community-sponsored presentations are scheduled throughout the Conference. Check your printed program - here's your chance to see some excellent presentations!

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This year’s reading examines the master narratives that guide advising sessions with students. The curriculum can be thought of as one such master narrative, guiding students through the beginning, middle, and end of their educational stories. Indeed, the curriculum is the plot of the individual student’s “Story of My College Education.” Another, often unexamined, master narrative is the philosophy of education that both the advisor and the student bring to the table. This chapter will look in depth at philosophies of higher education and how they shape the advising interaction, and will advance the argument that advisors should become aware of the master narratives that influence the advice they give.

Join fellow participants on Monday, October 1 from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. in the West Building, Room W 101 C, in a discussion of the reading and its ramifications for academic advising.

Click here to download the common reading article. 

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Dr. Peter L. Hagen is Associate Dean of General Studies and Director of the Center for Academic Advising at Stockton University. He was the founding Chair of the NACADA's Theory and Philosophy of Academic Advising Commission, served as Guest Editor of the NACADA Journal for its Fall 2005 issue, and was a member of the task force that wrote “The Concept of Academic Advising,” now widely adopted by the NACADA membership. Peter currently serves on the NACADA Research Committee, the Publications Review Board and on the NACADA Journal’s Editorial Board. He won the 2007 Virginia Gordon Award for Service to the Field of Advising. He served as lead editor for a monograph, Scholarly Inquiry in Academic Advising, published by NACADA in March 2010. He is the author of The Power of Story: Narrative Theory in Academic Advising (2018).

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The NACADA Advising Community focused on Technology in Advising will offer 25-minute Tech Labs: skill-building demonstrations highlighting practical, technology-based activities for participants to learn about, experiment with, and implement immediately. Topics have been selected with all skill levels in mind, introducing attendees to effective (and often free) new resources, and building confidence and competence in new tools to help you work with your campus. Whether you are a tech novice or tech savvy, there is something for everyone at the Tech Labs! Topics may include: technology “how to”, assessment of technology, training and professional development using technology, communication strategies, data management, and more!

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The program committee is thrilled to welcome you to Phoenix! Don't miss out on a chance to volunteer at conference. Additional opportunties will be posted closer to conference so make sure to check back often. 

1. Preconference Volunteer Sign-up

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The Power of Story: Narrative Theory in Academic Advising, by Peter L. Hagen

The Power of Story: Narrative Theory in Academic Advising acknowledges the power of story in academic advising. The power of story is present in advising interactions, in the unfolding of students' educational stories, in the ways advisors' own stories guide them, and in the impact of narrative skills that advisors possess. Activities and suggested readings are provided to enhance advisors' ability to understand the power of story.

Order your copy of The Power of Story: Narrative Theory in Academic Advising in advance by completing this form with payment by fax (785-532-7732) or mail (NACADA, 2323 Anderson Ave., Suite 225, Manhattan, KS 66502). 

Author signing will be on Tuesday, October 2, from 2:00-3:00 p.m. in the Silent Auction area.

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Comfortable and casual best describe the "dress code" at the NACADA Annual Conference. Wear comfortable shoes as conference venues tend to be extremely large! Join the fun and see how many different schools are represented by wearing a polo or t-shirt from your institution on Monday, October 1, 2018.

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