The ACD Fair at Annual Conference

The Advising Community Division (ACD) Fair is an opportunity for conference attendees to visit with each other in an informal setting as well as talk with Community Chairs to learn more about their respective unit activities.  Continental breakfast for conference attendees is provided during the Fair in the same room or an adjoining area.  Chairs are encouraged to stand in front of their table as much as possible to greet people, shake hands and share knowledge about their group.

Logistics & Table Set-Up

What is provided?
  • A bulletin board with a high-top table (40" tall) next to it is provided to AC Chairs (or their delegated representative) to highlight your group. There is no cost to a Community for this set up. 
  • Bulletin boards are 4 feet tall x 8 feet wide and push pins must be used to adhere items.   
  • A signup sheet template will be provided for each AC on which members can indicate interest in volunteering to help with activities.
What do I do after the Fair?
  • Please remove any posted items from the boards that you would like to keep. Otherwise, push pins will be removed and the materials will be discarded..
  • Leftover handouts could be distributed at your annual meetings. 
Display Suggestions - What should we hand out?

To assist with preparations for your Fair table, below are suggested items and activities that you may wish to include:

  1. Flyer/newsletter highlighting your unit activities, resources, conference events, and webpage and/or listserve for all NACADA members to access, plus opportunities for member involvement
  2. A handout with the agenda of your unit's annual meeting at conference
  3. Books, articles, websites related to the group's specific topics
  4. A notepad for members to jot down potential questions that could be posted to your unit's list serve to generate discussions throughout the year
  5. Handout or posting with index of publications or webpage links from a variety of institutions with programs that focus on your unit's specific population or focus area. This info could also be posted to your unit's 'Resources' webpage
  6. Handouts or publications through which institutions could share standard policies and procedures working with the specific population
  7. Chairs could invite their AC members to display their institution's publications, or highlight some of the 'best practices' in publications from institutions or specific authors.
  8. A list of Community Sponsored Sessions that your members might to catch at Conference
Preparation of Your Fair Bulletin Board: 

Please keep in mind that it does not necessarily need to be the Chair alone that prepares for and staffs your Fair. It is an expectation that all Communities will participate in the Fair. However, responsibilities in preparation for this event can be delegated by you as Chair. This is a tremendous opportunity to get other members of your unit involved to help you out or take on the project entirely.  The ACD Fair is an excellent opportunity to recruit members interested in reading proposals submitted during the winter for next year's conference presentations. Nominations for Chair could also be solicited if being elected next spring.

QUESTIONS?  Please contact your AC Division Representatives or Dawn Krause from the Executive Office,  Liaison to the AC Division. 

Fair Funding

How much can a group spend on their display?  

Each CIG is allocated $50 in funds and you are encouraged to get creative. Using this money is one way to demonstrate the need to continue funding our Division budget. Below are spending guidelines and reimbursement procedures for these funds.

Spending Guidelines - How Can I Spend the $50?
  • make copies of handouts; table decorations (flowers, etc.); craft supplies (construction paper, marking pens, stickers, etc.); giveaways; shipping costs of sending Fair handouts or materials to the conference site.
  • It is recommended that these funds not be used for display boards or push pins (provided by Executive Office); snacks or refreshments (since Fair is held in same room as breakfast for conference attendees). 
  • Items that are not permitted in the room: glitter, confetti, helium balloons
Reimbursement Process - How do I Get Reimbursed?
  • Save receipts for Fair-related purchases/expenses.
  • Use this Reimbursement form to get reimbursed for your expenses.
  • Submit reimbursement form and receipts to Executive Office by fax (785-532-7732) or email the fillable pdf to Peggy Goe
  • Reimbursements are processed weekly on Thursdays for requests received by Wednesday at 5 p.m.