Training Webinars

The following webinars are great for incoming Chairs to review, as well as current Chairs, to serve as a refresher on various procedures, documentation and other resources related to your role: 

  • 2017 CIGD General Information - introduction to your reps, Steering Committee members, Division structure, clusters, web resources, review of Chair timeline and Q&A from your fellow Chairs.
  • 2017 Goal Setting, Assessment, and Reports - information about setting achievable goals for your group, continued work toward those goals and then how assessing those goals works for Annual reporting deadlines in August. 
  • 2016 Utilizing Volunteers - covers running a successful CIG meeting at Annual, designing and engaging a CIG steering committee and advice from Chairs on working with volunteers

Annual Conference Information

The Division Restructure Proposal passed and we are now the Advising Communities Division (ACD).

Congratulations to all that participated in making this beneficial change happen!

More information will be rolled out over the course of Fall 2017.

If you have questions now, please contact your reps, Rebecca or Kyle