Please take this opportunity to attend one or more of the excellent preconference workshops offered by Region 4 in 2018!

All preconferences are $25 and will be held at the first day of the Conference, Sunday, March 11, 2018, unless otherwise noted. 

You can sign up for preconferences while registering for the conference. If you have already registered for the conference and would like to add a preconference workshop, please use this form. 

P1. Developing and Coaching a Culture of Leaders: The power of connection
Sunday, March 11, 2018  2:00-4:00pm
Rolando Torres, Florida State University
Sarah Lovins, Florida State University
Hannah Byrd, Florida State University

One of the biggest challenges in our field is being able to give each of our students the same level of energy every day. This highly interactive workshop will emphasize powerful team initiatives to energize your staff to continue doing what they do best: empowering students. Attendees will leave with a deeper understanding of how to develop a staff culture that creates leaders, a toolkit of fun initiatives to bring their teams together and develop their potential, and a new appreciation for connection with their staff.

P2. Breaking the Ice: Team Building Strategies for Students and Staff
Sunday, March 11, 2018  2:00-4:00pm
Zoey Zeitlin, Florida State University
Bernard Shuford, Florida State University

Team building or icebreakers are used in almost every setting whether in school or later in our professional lives. Team building does not have to be a big production and can come in many different forms- from outdoor experiences to indoor group work. Still we are not always sure if or why team building exercises work (Klein et al, 2009). This session will aim to show some of the research behind implementing team building to improve team effectiveness; looking at what best strategies for effective team building can be (Noe, 2002). The session will also be a chance to participate in team building so that we can take the time to engage with each other within the NACADA community.

P3. NACADA Orientation for First-Time Conference Attendees  |  FREE
Sunday, March 11, 2018  4:30-5:30pm
Brad Blitz, Georgia State University

As a new member or a first time attendee at a NACADA event, you most likely have questions you want answered: How can I benefit from my NACADA membership? I am only in my first year, can I even get involved? What is my NACADA region and what opportunities are available to me?

In this session you will be introduced to NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising and your NACADA region. This orientation is designed to provide guidance to new members and first time attendees as they begin their journey - learn how you can make the most of your “first year experience” in NACADA and with your region. During this session you will have the opportunity to: 1) Learn about the structure and opportunities of NACADA; 2) Develop ideas for resources and networking to help you both personally and professionally in your region; and 3) Listen to colleagues share their stories and connect with other new members to the association.

Bring your questions as well as an open and reflective attitude! Your participation in this session can be the beginning of the first chapter in your NACADA story!