Please take this opportunity to attend one or more of the excellent preconference workshops offered by Region 8 in 2019!

All preconferences are $25 and will be held at the first day of the Conference, Thursday, March 7, 2019, unless otherwise noted. 

You can sign up for preconferences while registering for the conference.  If you have already registered for the conference and would like to add a preconference workshop, please follow these steps.

P1: Jump In and Power It Up!   Submitting Conference Proposals and Improving Your Presentation Skills.  
1-4 pm | Thursday, March 7 - Doll/Herald
Jennifer Oakes, University of British Columbia  

Jump in to this interactive and energetic workshop using facilitated brainstorming, helpful activities, independent reflection, and group consultation to develop your proposals and presentation skills.   
No more glossing over the conference “Call for Proposals” when we have so much knowledge to offer our colleagues. Maybe our nerves get in our way or we don’t want to experience rejection; perhaps we think we don’t have anything to offer. This workshop will address these issues and more. We will strategize ways to get past your barriers. Topping it all off, we will develop a customized proposal that you could submit, for NACADA 2020.  
Presenting in an engaging and inspiring way requires training, feedback and skill. Even if you are the best public speaker, you too can improve your delivery skills. Learn how in this fun-filled, supportive and constructive workshop. Participants will learn valuable tips and training; have an opportunity to practice and receive helpful, caring feedback. Coaching and tip-sheets will be provided. 
Increase your confidence and power up your meetings, classroom presentations and information sessions by attending this workshop. The next time someone says, “Would you do a presentation for NACADA?” – With revitalized certainty, you might surprise them and say “Yes, I will!” 

P2: The Coach Approach: Tools from the Coaching World to Empower, Engage and Inspire Students and their Advisors. 
1-3 pm | Thursday, March 7 - Stephen A/B
Carina Huggins, University of Calgary

An interactive workshop presented by internationally certified professional coach and academic specialist advisor, Carina Huggins. 

In this engaging workshop, Carina will bring tools from the world of professional coaching, to equip higher education professionals with new techniques that will empower, engage and energize students. These tools transfer to their professional work and personal lives. 

Participants will practice and discuss the following tools in a safe, supportive space:

Engage: Building the container of trust - the model of dispositions
Inspire: The art of powerful questions
Engage: Effective communication
Energize: Tools to evoke action and results

P3: Rock Star Research: Seize Your Data-Driven Destiny!
1-3 pm | Thursday, March 7 - Walker/Bannerman
Brighton Brooks, University of Alaska Fairbanks

Do you envy the glamourous life of the rock star researcher? You too can join this elite club by learning several strategies for connecting your passion with research. Concrete tools will be presented to give you the play-book you need to be successful at any point in the research process. You will feel like part of the band with small group exercises that will provide you with take-home ready material to ascend to the Hall of Research Fame!

P4: Intentionally Engaging in Well-being through Times of Strife and Stress
3:15-5:15 pm | Thursday, March 7 - Stephen A/B
Anna Brown and Kyle Ross, Washington State University

Do you get frustrated by negativity in your office? Are you unsure you can stay motivated and satisfied in your work life as you take on increasing caseloads and more responsibilities without any additional resources? Do you feel whole, content, and well? In this session, two dynamic presenters will share their stories of how they came to understand their well-being through experiences of burnout, working overtime, weight loss, fitness, and diet, and other stressors. Participants will leave understanding that their well-being is unique to them, and that not all strategies will work equally effectively to improve and maintain their wellbeing. There will be activities where participants will collaborate, share stories, and identify practices they can incorporate into their routine.

P5: Indigenous 101: Land, Language and the Power of Story
3:15-5:15 pm | Thursday, March 7 - Walker/Bannerman
Keeta Gladue, University of Calgary

Come, bring your introverts, extroverts and ambiverts to this discussion about Indigenousness! In this session, using humour, relationships and the power of story, we will address common misconceptions about Indigenous Peoples and Indigenous students such as free education, tax exemptions, and the dangers of pan-Indianism. We will also provide in-depth information on the acknowledgment of traditional territories for Calgary, including reasons why we do them, how to do them and when to do them. Native, Aboriginal, First Nations and Indigenous? Not sure what words to use and for whom? We are going to get to that too! This is a place to start, in a good way on the path of truth and reconciliation.

P6: NACADA Orientation for First-Time Conference Attendees - FREE
8-9 am | Friday, March 8 - Stephen A/B
NACADA Leaders

As a new member or a first time attendee at a NACADA event, you most likely have questions you want answered: How can I benefit from my NACADA membership? I am only in my first year, can I even get involved? What is my NACADA region and what opportunities are available to me?

In this session you will be introduced to NACADA: The Global Community for Academic Advising and your NACADA region. This orientation is designed to provide guidance to new members and firsttime attendees as they begin their journey - learn how you can make the most of your “first year experience” in NACADA and with your region. During this session you will have the opportunity to: 1) Learn about the structure and opportunities of NACADA; 2) Develop ideas for resources and networking to help you both personally and professionally in your region; and 3) Listen to colleagues share their stories and connect with other new members to the association.

Bring your questions as well as an open and reflective attitude! Your participation in this session can be the beginning of the first chapter in your NACADA story!

This session will be held during breakfast on Friday.


March 7-9, 2019
Calgary, AB Canada


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